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What is a guardian angel?

What is a guardian angel?

A guardian angel is an angel sent to protect and serve a person. In religious groups, guardian angels are also said to present prayers to God of behalf of the person they are protecting. Some people are aware of their angel and can notice when they are being protected by them. Occasionally, a person becomes so familiar with their guardian angel they are able to recognise their angel’s personality traits and character.

So now we have answered ‘what is a guardian angel?’ How do they protect people?

Guardian angels have been reported to protect people or even save their lives in many different ways. Sometimes guardian angels are said to help people with their everyday struggles such as getting low traffic when they are running late for work, helping them find an object they have lost, or even get a good deal at the supermarket. Others insist guardian angels have watched over them in times of illness; allowing them to recover more quickly from a cold, preventing an infection from spreading or possibly even just finding a good doctor who is able to help them.

People often credit guardian angels when they narrowly escape death. For example, this could be avoiding an 18-wheeler truck out of control, or having something heavy fall and just miss being crushed. Achieving a near-miss with death can lead people to credit a guardian angel they never knew they had beforehand. In other words, a lucky escape can make people aware of their guardian angels.

Do I have a guardian angel?

There is no test to see whether or not a person has a guardian angel watching over them. The best method to decide if someone has a guardian angel is to think about their past. Have you ever barely avoided a serious car crash? Did you experience a major injury or illness as a child? Or on a more everyday level: do you often find yourself looking for something and catch a glimpse of it unexpectedly? Do you often take chances, but rarely get punished for them? Overall, do you consider yourself lucky?

Hopefully this gives you more to think about if you have ever asked ‘what is a guardian angel‘, ‘how do guardian angels protect people‘, and ‘do I have a guardian angel‘? Some people never even stop to question these things, and never find out for sure. Imagine for a moment how many people have a guardian angel watching over them, never to discover how lucky they are.

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