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Are Psychics Real?

Today we expand the question to: Are psychics real?

We have to ensure we all agree on what a psychic is. A psychic is simply anyone who has mental powers other do not. Nowadays most psychics identify as being able to perceive information hidden from normal human senses.

There are many different kinds of people who claim to have psychic powers, however some people are ‘born psychic’, such as mediums and clairvoyants, while others learn their craft, such as palm readers and astrologers (think horoscopes). Let’s go into a bit more detail on what each psychic can do.

There are mediums who say they can communicate with spirits and the dead. Read more about mediumship in ‘Are mediums real?’.

There are divinators who use traditional rituals to predict the future and advise people on what decisions to make with their powers.

Clairvoyants are psychics who claim to clearly see the future. The word ‘clairvoyant’ comes from the French clair=clear, and voyant=sighted.

There are also psychics who claim to have physical powers. These powers may include telepathy (reading minds), telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), levitation, and pyrokinesis (starting fires with the power of the mind). Such psychics have been either disproved or are largely disbelieved or dismissed by the general public.

However, there are still mediums and clairvoyants around today, making a living by doing psychic readings on clients. You may have heard of the TV show ‘Crossing Over’, performed by John Edward. So are psychics real? Or are we all being fooled by their quick thinking and vague wording.

What Science says about “Are psychics real?”

Naturally, in the scientific world, psychics have little to no support at all. Many studies have been done to attempt to replicate claims from psychics, but have all failed to produce any supportive results. In fact, one study has made the conclusive report that there is “no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years for the existence of paranormal phenomena.” Therefore science answers our question: are psychics real? with a resounding no.

However, the anecdotal evidence for the existence of supernatural powers is astounding. Not to mention the thousands of practising mediums and clairvoyants who serve many happy people daily. Mediums and clairvoyants are clearly real people, but is their industry based on a lie?

Why does anyone believe psychics are real?

A lot of the criticism for psychics and fortune tellers particularly is in their method. Anyone seeking a psychic reading is most likely having difficulty in their life and seeking advice. More specifically, seeking comfort in a message from a loved one through a medium or seeking advice on a decision to make from a fortune teller.

Because of this, psychics already know what their clients want them to say, and what they will value. Therefore, if a psychic says something very general, for example a fortune teller says “you have been faced with a big decision recently” it will apply directly to 90% of their clientèle.

Moreover, because this person is seeking something from their psychic they are going in with an open mind and will try to work with the psychic in reaching a conclusion. For example, a medium might say a dead relative is telling them to “not worry about the money” which would be very likely for someone who has lost a relative and is dealing with their will. (Wills are notoriously tricky and emotionally draining to handle).

While some people may be blessed with a natural intuition, it is difficult to definitively say “Yes.” to the question “Are psychics real.” However, it is easy to side with the scientists and say “No.” But the best evidence is your own experiences so feel free to reach out to a psychic and consider how their advice serves you. Did it comfort the loss of a loved one? Did they encourage you to make your decision without really considering all options?

Trust your instincts and do some investigative work. There are many live psychic readings and hotlines available, please share your experiences in the comments section. Discover your own truth to “Are psychics real”!

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