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Famous Mediums

Famous Mediums

Not everyone can grow up and decide to become a medium. It takes a very particular skill set and a certain personality type to properly convince sceptical humans that you are conveying messages of those who have died. A medium must have a strong intuitive side and be able to pick up on body language, put together minimal information, and create a plausible and acceptable message to the bereaved.

A certain few individuals have these certain traits in spades, and an additional flair for performance. They have taken their craft to its limits and have performed for cheering audiences. Through study, practice, determination, and ambition they have joined the ranks of the famous mediums. Here we examine the professional careers of the most famous mediums.

John Edward

Perhaps the most well-known medium alive today; John Edward is a psychic medium, author, and television show host. He has appeared as a guest on many well known talk shows such as: Larry King Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The View, and Oprah. Edward has also published three books: Fallen Masters, Above and Beyond, and an autobiography about his life as one of the most famous mediums to have lived.

Edward hosted a television show ‘Crossing Over‘ from 1999 – 2004. He currently hosts a show called Cross Country, where he travels around the US, doing psychic readings for audiences or visiting their homes to see the results of his readings. The show has recently returned to the format used in Crossing Over, where Edward reads for a studio audience for whom he has been given prior information.


Edward is widely criticised in the media, and frequently claimed to be a fraud and deceitful. His television show Crossing Over was investigated by Independent Investigations Group founder, James Underdown. Underdown claimed Edward failed to produce any specific information in his readings that would be suggest psychic abilities.

Edward was also subject to mockery by the animated television series South Park. During the episode, Edward is heavily featured and one of the characters, Stan Marsh, attempts to reveal Edward as a fraud by acting as a medium himself. Later, Edward wins an award for being the “Biggest Douche in the Universe”.

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne describes herself as a psychic and a medium. She is known as one of the most famous mediums for her wild predictions, and television appearances which have turned her into a famous medium. Browne has a variety of alleged psychic powers including the ability to see angels as they surround humans. Browne also claims she has experienced ‘Heaven’, and that it is a constant comfortable temperature, where pets are also present and houses can be created at will.

Browne has written a book entitled The Other Side and Back and she also hosts a talk-back show on Hay-House radio, and gives psychic readings to those who call in to the show. She has been married five times and in now aged 76. Browne predicts she will die at age 88.


Long time critic, scientific sceptic, James Randi, has labelled Sylvia Browne’s predictions as no more than educated guessing. Several of Browne’s televised and recorded predictions have proved to be wrong.

A prediction of Browne’s has very recently been disproved. Back in 2004, Sylvia Browne told the mother of Amanda Berry, her missing child, that she was dead, when it fact, it has just been discovered she was kidnapped and held prisoner for 8 years. This happened in May 2013.

  • She predicted the cure of breast cancer by 1999.
  • She predicted Osama Bin Laden was “hiding in caves” when he was actually found in a mansion in Pakistan
  • She predicted Bill Bradley would win the 2000 US presidential election (George W. Bush won)

A 3 year investigation of Browne was carried out by Ryan Shaffer and Agatha Jadwiszczok in 2007-2010 for the Skeptical Inquirer. Browne was found to be incorrect in all 25 investigative cases where the outcome was known. This was found despite Browne claiming an 85% accuracy rating.

Famous mediums are the ones that come under the most criticism. In today’s modern world on information it is hard to be regarded as paranormal or psychic. These two are part of a dying breed of famous mediums. Investigate for yourself and discover whose claims are true and whose are pretend. Visit John Edward’s Wikipedia page and Sylvia Browne’s Wikipedia page to delve deeper into the lives of these famous mediums.

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    “Famous Mediums | The most well known mediums
    alive today | Are mediums real” was indeed extremely enjoyable and helpful!
    Within the present day society that is tricky to achieve.
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  4. Pamela

    Did Sylvia Brown pass away not to long ago??

    • Jeff

      Yes, that’s correct. She passed away on November 20, 2013.

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