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Famous Psychics

Famous Psychics

Here you will find a few of the most well-known and famous psychics. Not all are famous for the right reasons, and some have been exposed as fraudsters with no psychic ability at all. However, some have displayed powers and made predictions with eerie accuracy and have made people question exactly what they know about the spiritual and psychic realm.

Miss Cleo

Miss Cleo’s real name is Youree Dell Harris, she is an American-born, self proclaimed psychic and shaman. She was born in California, and is now 50 years old. Her character, Miss Cleo, is supposed to be from Jamaica, complete with the accent. Harris originally developed the idea for the character from her play, For Women Only, in which Harris played a character called Cleo.

During the 1990′s, before becoming one the the world’s most famous psychics, Harris began working for the Psychic Readers Network as Cleo. She appeared as a TV psychic, and she was promoted to do special tarot card readings for callers. In addition to tarot card readings, she would predict people’s futures and advise them on their love life and other decision to make. However, the Psychic Readers Network got in legal trouble for their methods, including deceptive advertising and billing of clients. Harris escaped charges.

Harris appeared in a 2010 documentary, Becoming Psychic, and also voice acted in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as Auntie Poulet. She appeared on The Jenny Jones Show.


The truth about Miss Cleo has come out, and the Psychic Readers Network have been exposed as fraudsters for inflating phone bills and misusing credit card information. While working as a TV psychic, “Miss Cleo” would actually field very few calls, instead outsourcing them to “psychics” around the country. Taking advantage of her image as one of the most famous psychics, Harris would send you a letter, claiming it was “vital” you call her now for free, and charge $5 a minute and you didn’t even speak to her!

Terry and Linda Jamison

These two famous psychics are actually identical twins. They are most well known for their fairly accurate prediction of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, back in 1999. Their prediction was an attack on the famous New York building in 2002, “with something with a terrorist attack”. The actual date was September 11, 2001; an incredibly close prediction. They also correctly predicted the mode of death of John F. Kennedy Jr.: by plane crash.

The Jamisons are still active and have been appearing internationally on talk shows such as The View, claiming Whoopi Goldberg was a German nun in a past life, Good Morning America, and a special on Nightline. They have written a book: Psychic Intelligence and Separated at Earth, on their experiences as identical twins and famous psychics.


Like most famous psychics, the Jamison twins have been frequently incorrect in their predictions. They incorrectly predicted the death of Pope John Paul II to happen in June, 2004. They also incorrectly predicted Sadam Hussein to die at the hands of US troops during 2003.

Additionally, some are criticising the twins’ prediction of the 9/11 attacks. The twins failed to name who would be responsible for the attack, thus having no power to stop it from happening.


No psychic can realistically claim to be 100% accurate. If they did, their audience would scrutinise them much more closely more minor mistakes. It takes bold claims to join the ranks of the famous psychics, and you are bound to divide the people into believers and sceptics single handedly. Make your decision at Are Psychics Real.

Are these psychics real or is it all guessing and luck? Do we remember the correct predictions while all the wrong ones are forgotten? Let your opinion be known in the comments on famous psychics.

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