Are mediums realAre mediums real

How do Mediums Work

How do mediums work?

Here we will discuss the methods which mediums use to allegedly convey messages of the dead to people who they have left behind. If you want to discover the truth behind mediumship, or even are looking to become a medium yourself, this is the place for you.

The article will be split into two parts. One for ‘genuine mediums’ and how they describe using psychic abilities to communicate with the Other Side, and the other for techniques people use to appear psychic when they have no psychic abilities at all. It is recommended you read both to fully understand the mindset of a medium.

How do mediums work – ‘Genuine’ Mediums

If they truly are able to talk to the dead then how do mediums work exactly? Most mediums such as David Thompson, describe feeling energy and vibrations around a room as the spirits are trying to communicate with someone.

Mediums like John Edward, say that everyone can receive messages from their passed relatives, but they just don’t listen hard enough. Read more about John Edward in Famous Mediums.

These ‘genuine’ mediums will offer private readings or do readings in groups. They will offer small details such as the initial of their first name, or the color of their hair to see if the person being read can recognise and ‘validate’ them. They will continue searching for ‘hits’ and try to develop a clear understanding of who is communicating with them and what their message is.

Usually, the message is something simple, such as telling the person to not worry about a feud over money or about passing away on bad terms with that person. The person being read is hopefully comforted by the message and can move on with their lives with less guilt or resent.

How do mediums work – ‘Fake’ or ‘pretend’ mediums

Some individuals will claim to have psychic powers, when in reality, they are no more psychic than you or me. They will employ techniques that they have developed over years of practice to seem to the people they’re reading as genuine psychics who are speaking with their passed relatives or friends.

So if you’re going to fake it, how do mediums work out details about people without knowing them? One technique is called “cold reading”. Cold reading is simply throwing out pieces of information to the group or individual being read and pursuing hits. For example, the medium might say “I’m getting the letter J, does that mean anything to you?”. The listener would ideally say yes they lost someone, or their name, or some other relevant person’s name starts with a J.

Another technique is simply using clever questioning or ‘linguistic’ skills. By wording their comments carefully, either a positive or negative answer can sound like a hit. Say a medium says “Now, you haven’t lost your parents already, have you?”. To which the listener could say “Yes, I have” (Wow how did he know?) or “No, I haven’t lost them yet” (Wow, how could he tell?). Both answers sound like the medium knew something without them actually making a solid statement.

Decide for yourself which method is being used in “Are mediums real” and “Are psychic real“. Which is the true method? Comment below to let your opinion be known. Maybe both are being used, some are real and some are fake.

Investigate for yourself, get a reading and listen very carefully to the comments and questions the medium makes. Don’t be afraid to tell them you think they’re wrong. Come back with the results and share your experiences.

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3 Responses to How do Mediums Work

  1. Charlie Olson

    Please explain to me about vibrations. I think that I can feel my wife tickling my hair, face and shoulders in an
    Attempt to let me know she is with me. Are these her
    Vibrations that I feel ? What are the different kinds of vibrations?
    Thank you,
    Charlie O

  2. bronya

    The only fantastic reading Ive had was by Romany Star clairvoyancy, through her facebook page. She was brilliant but I visited Colin Fry and was very disappointed! I loved her name so much I even use it as my spare email address.

  3. Mel

    I agree with John Edward – I think everybody has the ability, they are born with it. It’s just the majority don’t know how to access their abilities, and they may weaken over time.

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